Does a loop antenna need a balun

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The word balun means balanced-unbalanced it&x27;s used to adapt a balanced device to an unbalanced one, read more basic thory on Ununs and Baluns. Loop antennas may be constructed in many forms including horizontal full wave loops in square, rectangle or triangle (delta) shapes. Results are very impressive - I cannot do a proper comparison - but I was listening to The loop size needs optimising, but I can already get quite good nulls and the loop isn&x27;t anywhere near properly balanced. I also have designed a loop antenna using the Antenna Toolbox and have produced successful S11 Return Loss graphs of the antenna by itself. loop antenna is a closed-circuit antennathat is, one in which a conductor is formed into one or more turns so its two ends are close together. 89. one worked wonders for my SW radio receiver. It also includes auto-transformers like the Guanella Balun. LDG-RU-4-1 RU-41 UNUN 27. Model 1171 - 11 ATU Current Balun, 1 - 54 MHz, 5kW. . The device runs up to 400 watts. . Feb 2, 2018 The following analysis is for a horizontal, equilateral triangle loop with all three corners at 60 feet. . . . . Delta Loop feeding in the lowest corner via 14 Trafo and Balun The 30M Delta Loop is fed at the top via 11 Balun, downloading delta loop skywire antenna 80m 10m dk5ec The two are quite different The two are quite different.
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There are many other types of baluns; they all attempt to prevent (choke. A loop is a balanced antenna which works without reference to ground. Baluns do two things, make for a 'smooth' transition between a balanced antenna and an unbalanced feed line, and can transform impedance. . May 30, 2021 Do I need balun for loop antenna The most important reason to use a good BalUn is to ensure that the coax cable does not become part of the antenna system and therefore radiates as well. . . Dispatched within 5 days.

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